Belts, Sund and Jazz in Copenhagen

Impressions of a sailing summer between Aarhus and Copenhagen in pictures.

Kolby Kaas, Samsö

Some people familiar with the area will wonder what is worth knowing about Kolby Kaas. That’s right! We sailed first and foremost to Kolby Kaas because the harbor is conveniently located on the way north. But there was a second reason, a visit to the place we last headed for in 1996. Unfortunately, the harbor suffered a pronounced economic decline. On Samsö there are many houses for sale, it seems to be almost half the town. Apart from agriculture, the southern part of the island does not offer any economic perspective. As tourists, we saw the island somewhat differently and enjoyed the nature and a walk to the lighthouse.

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Directly at the Baltic Sea, not far from Marina Marselisborg, an original art exhibition could be seen in June 2013, which included the sea as well as the nearby Marselis forest. Here are a few impressions of the exhibits. The magazine art published a very interesting article about the exhibition.

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Situated in the northwest of Zealand, we headed straight from Aarhus to the small village. Please do not take the straight way literally, the course leads first to the east, with an exact heading for a narrow buoyed passage in the Sjaellands Rev (Snekkelöb). The passage is a bit tricky, but the water was at least seven meters deep. Later we saw the surf standing on the reef in strong winds from the northwest tip of Oddens. Under these conditions, it would be better to take the 3 miles detour around the lighthouse north.

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Helsingör, located at the northern end of the Sound, between Denmark and Sweden, is characterized by the castle built by Erich von Pommern in 1420. An exhibition shows the military importance of the castle in controlling the passage of ships on the Öresund. William Shakespeare relocated “Hamlet” to Kronborg Castle for his tragedy. The play was performed for the first time in 1816.

In Helsingör a “bicycle race” for children is organized under great spectacle. We like the funny hustle and bustle on the “race track” as much as the “promotion truck”.
Han – a sculpture made of polished stainless steel looks rather bored.

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From Helsingör the course led to Rungsted, the hometown of Karen (Tanja) Blixen, the author of “Out of Africa”. In Germany, she became famous through the cinematization of her biography with Meryl Streep and Klaus Maria Brandauer. Her parental home, where she lived after her return from Africa, is a museum today. The park has been declared a bird sanctuary by Karen Blixen. She was buried at the foot of an oak tree. The museum shows her scripts, suitcases and also the famous gramophone, a gift from Denys Finch Hatton (Robert Redford).

Copenhagen Jazzfestival

A look into the sailing magazine “Sejlerns” and the further course is completely undisputed within the Athene crew: Copenhagen, to the jazz festival. 10 days of jazz in the city. We have been looking forward to this for a long time, hoping one day a sailing holiday will coincide with this festival.

In short, there are many places where people jazz from traditional to contemporary, but the bear definitely “steppes” at the old anchor in Nyhaven. The Doc Houlind Revival All Stars captivate the audience. Doc plays the trumpet as if he were Louis Armstrong. Link

Again and again, a trip right under the approach path of the airport impresses. The planes come in every minute. One passed directly over us.

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Stevens Klint – Rödvig

Rödvig is not only a good stopover on the way south. The small harbor is also very popular, as we can see later at the rush hour, which is not lagging behind the airport with boats arriving every minute. There is no reason to go into the harbor at full speed so that the ambitious skipper can head for the last free berth – as we have often observed. Next to the marina, the fishing port offers a lot of space or you can anchor in offshore winds. Should we sail to Rödvig, again, this option will be our first choice, no matter how busy the harbor.

Also, very recommendable is the new hiking trail leading directly from the harbor past Stevens Klint to the lighthouse. The hiker has a unique nature experience, can take a look at the lime extraction or see a partially crashed church.

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