Sailing Long Distances

A virus and a businessman

Speaking of the virus, I never thought in my darkest nightmare, I would write about a disease, besides a weird sailing virus. Spain has become an epicenter of corona too. So far cities like Madrid and Barcelona are concerned. However, the Spanish government thinks loudly to close its borders. We have no information on how far they will go, flights and trains only, for instance, or will they close all frontiers, including marine travel.
And we have to ask and answer the question, should we sail to Spain, Andalusia, with a possible higher risk of infection. In Portugal, we’re better off at the moment, with 59 diseases all over the country in early March.
Our sailing plans for April and May are still the Azores or Madeira. Since no one can tell the future, we might run the risk, the Portuguese will close its borders as well, and we have to stay in Spain. Reading the papers, we got the impression there is a lot of panic in the world. Perhaps a self-fulling fear that creates more panic. The stock markets all over the globe got hammered as there would be no tomorrow. At home, people pile up stocks, being well prepared for a crisis. And what do they buy? Toilet paper! In some cities, its completely sold out. I have never made a connection between a disaster and toilet paper. 
Another strange example was an announcement by the best businessman in the world, a guy, although known as the President of the United States. He banned all travels from Europe to the US to keep the foreign virus, like … Read More