Sailing Long Distances

100.000 campers in the Algarve

One of the online news and magazines I like to read is called ‘’ It’s part of the Open Media Group, a publisher of foreign language magazines, newspapers, and websites.
It’s up-to-the-minute, an easy read, covers national topics including the Algarve, and publishes pictures of the politicians in charge. I think it’s an advantage, knowing the famous person next to us in a restaurant.
Mid-March, Portuguese President da Sousa spoke to the people and announced the state of emergency starting next Monday. He also said, to fight the virus, all campgrounds ought to be shut a week later. Foreigners have to leave Portugal within a week.
Of course, we were interested in the story, for obvious reasons, since we are nonresidents, and the law might apply to us as well. The magazine covered the story and wrote the sanction would affect about 100.000 foreigner camper in the Algarve. 100.000! Can you imagine this? It’s low-season, and the inhabitants of a city are on vacation to the Algarve. The camper we saw so far, were two people on average in a van. It makes roundabout 50.000 vehicles. I read this article to Beate, who replied promptly, and where is the fleet? We tried to verify the number on the web, but all we found was the same number, most likely the same source of information. 
By the nature of boats, sailors have to dwell on the coast. The number of marinas is manageable, the liveaboards as well. Speaking for these folks, we think, a thousand would be a good guess on the upper side. Campers can go everywhere, and they do, as we saw in Lagos, right in the center of a nature reserve. The number plates of the vehicles indicated to a country with a female chancellor eons ago… Read More